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Why we founded CloudExcels

We don't want to embrace the future,
we want to be out front leading it.

Bringing the Cloud to you

Never has it been more important to innovate fast and strive for operational excelence in all your software products. And never has it been easier! We at Cloud Excels are commited to build true state of the art software. The AWS Cloud is the greatest catalyst for innovative fast and customer driven development. And we are absolutely passionate about the technology, the fascinating use cases and the incredible potential of AWS.
We are a company of talented, professional and dedicated Cloud Enthusiasts.
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How we are different

Cloud Excels Best Practices

Serverless First

What ever can be done serverless should be serverless! That is our top consulting principle.

Well Architected

Simply throwing an application in the cloud doesn't make it great yet. We make sure your application runs efficient, cost optimized and secure on AWS

Automate Everything

All agility comes from short release cylces. Which is why it is so crutial to automate as much as possible in a project from day one. From uploading code to version control to its deployment to a production environment, including Testing, Compiling, Installation, Infrastructure Setup every single step is part of a CI/CD pipeline.

DevOps = Great Tools

The Tools don't make a project work.
But DevOps can never work without the right tools.
Team Colaboration is empowered by colaboration tools. Of cource we use all cloud native tools like Confluence, Jira and GSuite.
Automated CI / CD for Software and Infrastructure is only possible with services like CodePipeline, CloudFormation and CodeBuild.

Secure by Design

Moving to the cloud will raise a lot of new security questions.
And that's ok. It is the case with every new technology.
CloudExcels was founded by former Identity and Cyber Security Consultants. Desinging an application to be secure is much easier in the cloud than on premise if you are well architected.


Frank Wanning

Cloud DevOps Engineer | Managing Director

I started my career as an IT Systems Administrator - I know all the pain points of an on premise infrastructure.
Helping our customers moving towards the new world of Cloud Computing and DevOps truly is a very fulfilling mission for me.

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Jannik Frisch

Cloud Architect | Managing Director

Cloud Architect

Beeing a high tech enthusiast by heart, AWS still feels like a candy store for me.
Cloud Computing is the most powerful acelerator for innovation of our time. All the tools are there, my mission is to help as many people as possible to go build!

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Our Offer

What Cloud Excels can do for You

A competent partner who brings you

Innovation as a Service

  • Design highly availiable and fault tolerant AWS architectures
  • Review your current Cloud Infrastructure
  • Plan your companies journey to the cloud
  • Restructure legacy applications to be cloud native

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In Order to leverage all of the clouds possibilities

Be Excellent

We make sure you and your teams are ready for the Cloud! We offer on site trainings and workshops on management and deep technical level.

  • How to work agile and in DevOps mode
  • Introduction to Cloud Computing and AWS
  • Containers & Serverless - the future of applications
  • Automation on AWS - CloudFormation, CI/CD

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Highest quality cloud native development

Cloud nativeness - done for you!

You next project will be AWSome once you implement it together with us! We are experienced developers who accompany the whole process from project planning to implementation and training of operations and support teams.

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We join you where you are at

We help you excel to the next level

Farewell legacy datacenters

For many organizations the starting point on their jouney to the cloud is migrating their current workloads to AWS. CloudExcels helps you from the first planning of migration to operating your software in the cloud

Leverage the Cloud

Once your applications are in the cloud it is time to make use of all the automation tools that make the cloud special. From "Infrastructure as Code" where your servers can be provisioned through a deployment pipeline just like software to Auto Scaling Groups and Managed Databases, there are so many ways to enhance your migrated applications.

Step into the future
Cloud Native

To use all that the cloud has to offer, it is smart to transform your current applications into micro service oriented systems. Technologies like Containers and Serverless are key components of a modern Cloud Native Application. No matter if you want to transform you existing software into a cloud native microservice architecture or start a new cloud first project, we are your partner for the full development and transformation process